It all starts somewhere……..


Life, as we find, and it finds us, can be too much for us. You might be struggling with your relationships, your mental health, and your ability to cope with the stress of life in New York City. I’m here to help.

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I am a psychotherapist you can trust to share your inner battles, personal fears, and relationship issues. Through therapy, you are no longer alone. You are in a safe place to discover the source of your difficulties and make plans to improve.



Therapy is a pledge to yourself for a better life, starting with changing your thoughts. My therapy is backed by years of experience, and hundreds of happy clients. If you want to take the next step toward healthy satisfaction, schedule an appointment with me.


I’ve been working with Nancy Bernstein regularly for five years and she has brought a clarity to my life. I struggle with anxiety, bouts of depression, and am recovering from and navigating sobriety. Her professional knowledge and experience in these areas are wide, her feedback helpful, instructive, and insightful. She is consistent and comforting, our sessions are always productive. Cognitive behavioral therapy has worked wonders for my professional and personal life and it’s due to Nancy’s commitment to excellent conversation and compassionate understanding.
— Sarah P.
Seeing Nancy for psychotherapy was one of the best decisions I have ever made. She has a huge positive impact on my mental health and my life. She is an excellent therapist who you can trust. She has great knowledge and communication skills. She is professional, honest and passionate about her job. She helps me tremendously to deal with my feelings and overcome my life challenges.

Nancy has transformed me to a much better and healthier version of myself. I deeply appreciate her great supports and help.
— Nora K.

Nancy has been my therapist for almost 10 years.
During this time, she has guided me both in my big life decisions and the mundane of everyday life with insight and openness. In every category couples, individual, career, children new relationships, and loss. Nancy has been able to have me see each situation from where I played a role and how going forward I can grow and accept change.
Nancy has been a guiding force and the voice of reason through each situation always with kindness , patience understanding and a smile!
— Meg W

Nancy is one on the most professional yet compassionate and caring individuals. I have seen her for many years, sometimes during marital issues, a parent’s death or even during a traumatic life event causing severe post traumatic stress disorder. She created a trusting and safe environment and was always very sensitive to my emotional state. Nancy was always able to help me think of solutions to the underlying problem and was very optimistic that I would find resolution. She went “above and beyond”and would be available to answer a question or give support in between sessions during times of extreme distress. She made a huge impact in my life and helped me learn new coping, cognitive and emotional skills including suggestions for new ways of thinking. She really takes interest in her patients and one can feel how much she cares, which leads to a therapeutic bond that will eventually lead to better and successful results. No words can express how grateful I am to Nancy.
— Sharon E.

I’ve been meeting with Nancy Bernstein for over 20 years now – and she has helped me
deal with my issues on so many levels. She’s a truly inspiring therapist and the best
listener I know. She remembers everything – including all the important little details you
share with her. She is empathetic and trustworthy – I open up my heart to Nancy and
share my deepest feelings in a very safe environment. I feel she really cares and
understands how I want to improve my everyday life. Her feedback is always smart,
honest, insightful and hopeful. I used to meet with her every week, now it’s much less
often but she still always works to fit me into her schedule. I’ve even come in for
counseling sessions with my husband and he feels her guidance is very helpful, too.
Thanks Nancy, for having such a positive impact in my life. You are the best!
— Anonymous